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Aurses Healthcare aims to Revolutionize Vascular Treatments with Latest Technologies

Long Beach, CA, USA – Aurses Healthcare, located at Long Beach California, is on a mission to transform surgical care by utilizing the latest technology in vascular and general surgery with extensive experience and expertise. This surgical clinic company is known for its reputation for a caring, patient-friendly approach and affordable services.

Aurses Healthcare boasts impeccable services combined with a state-of-the-art vascular imaging center, equipment, and surgical procedures to provide an outstanding experience for the patients.

aurses healthcare press release

"Vascular imaging centers help physicians to diagnose abnormalities within the blood vessels, both arteries and veins," explains Dr. Hamed Taheri from Aurses Healthcare. "The Vascular duplex ultrasound study is a non-invasive, radiation-free, method of imaging, using pulsed sound waves to generate images of each organ (ultrasound images) with simultaneous measurement of blood velocity and associated physiologic parameters (Doppler sonography). These images provide useful information regarding the heath of a given organ such as blood vessels."

The imaging process is not painful at all, and the patients are very comfortable, usually resting on the examination table. Some of the most common vascular duplex ultrasound examinations are carotid, upper extremities, and lower extremities studies for arterial and venous insufficiencies before and after dialysis shunt creation.

Some symptoms such as lower leg(s) or feet swelling, painful cramps, skin irritation, varicose veins formation, or skin ulceration can be related to the underlying venous disease. The duplex ultrasound study will help to detect any abnormalities within the walls and valves of the peripheral veins. This information then allows physicians to devise the best treatment plan to treat the venous insufficiencies.

The lower extremities arterial duplex ultrasound studies are considered the first choice for non-invasive imaging. Patients with symptoms, such as lower leg(s) pain, thigh or calf muscle cramps, or nonhealing foot wounds will benefit the most.

The arterial duplex ultrasound studies help physicians with diagnosing peripheral arterial disease. Aurses Healthcare has helped hundreds of patients with routine and accurate arterial duplex ultrasound studies.

Carotid duplex ultrasound study is an extremely important diagnostic tool helping patients to reduce their risks of stroke. Some of the significant risk factors for Carotid artery disease are age, race, history of smoking, gender, diabetes or a recent history of temporary ischemic attacks (TIA). In addition, carotid duplex ultrasound studies help physicians to evaluate the degree of luminal narrowing within the carotid arteries and formulate the appropriate medical or surgical treatment plans.

Aurses Healthcare imaging center is proud to have played an active role in the evaluation of patients with end-stage renal failure. Dr. Hamed Taheri has designed a comprehensive study to minimize access failure and avoid multiple visits to the operating room. This study provides important information regarding the upper extremities arteries (inflow) and the veins (outflow).

This particular study, which is exclusive to the Aurses healthcare imaging center, provides patients and physicians with easy-to-read ultrasound results. Aurses healthcare imaging center also provides a free copy of the ultrasound reports directly to the patients.

At Aurses Healthcare we take pride in educating our patients in particular with their duplex ultrasound reports. Our physician goes over the ultrasound reports with the patients, one-on-one to explain the results.

After creating successful dialysis shunts, patients are routinely followed by duplex ultrasound studies of their dialysis access shunt. Our patients are usually, healthier than their cohorts, simply for having fewer problems with their dialysis access during their lifetime.

This comprehensive study also includes blood volume within the dialysis shunt, and we make sure it is within normal limits. We also look at the entire dialysis shunt from the arterial anastomosis (the connection between the artery and vein or graft) to the venous outflow (where blood is leaving the dialysis shunt).

Routine use of the duplex ultrasound not only plays a major role in maintaining a functional dialysis access shunt, but also has kept many patients away from the emergency room and hospitals.

Pic: Dr. Hamed Taheri,M.D,RPVI, FSVS.


"Thanks to advanced sonography equipment, our patients have the lowest rate of dialysis shunt failure. These studies also monitor the blood flow into the patient's hand after the creation of the dialysis shunt. We are able to diagnose steal syndrome with duplex ultrasound study. Patients suffering from steal syndrome are at risk of having temporary or permanent damage to their hands or finger(s).

At Aurses healthcare, we are proud to say our goal is to provide the best quality of life after hemodialysis access creation for our patients. Please, call our office today for further information about our vascular imaging center and book an appointment to get your study as soon as possible," adds Dr. Taheri.


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