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When you or someone you love is diagnosed with a vascular condition, it can bring up a lot of questions and concerns.


For your many questions, we have some answers. In these pages, you will find original articles on common conditions, tests and treatments by vascular surgeons who are esteemed in their areas of expertise.



What Is Vascular Disease?


Most Americans are familiar with heart disease and with the consequences of blockages in the vessels that carry blood to and from the heart. But few people realize that blockages caused by a buildup of plaque and cholesterol affect more than coronary arteries. Arteries throughout the body carry oxygen-rich blood away from the heart, so blockages can occur in all arteries with serious effects. Read more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

List of frequently asked questions and answers that we often get at the Aurses Healthcare clinic.
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Vascular Biology

The vascular system involves the heart and blood vessels. The blood vessels include arteries...
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What is Vascular Disease?

Most Americans are familiar with heart disease and with the consequences of blockages in the...
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What is a Vascular Surgeon?

Vascular surgeons are specialists who are highly trained to treat diseases of the vascular system.
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Vascular Tests

What kinds of vascular tests are most common? What happens when you have one? Will it hurt?
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Vascular Treatments

When it comes to treatments for vascular conditions, there is good news. Many vascular...
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Your Vascular System

Your vascular system is made up of vessels that carry your blood throughout your body.
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Vascular Conditions

Vascular conditions affect the veins and arteries in your body, which conduct oxygen to every living cell...
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Vascular Health Fliers

Here you will find links to printable fliers on the most-requested vascular topics. Just download...
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